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Hi there! Thanks for checking out SoulSpace Notes. This is a place for me to explore different fiber topics and share what I have learned as a mostly self-taught, but adventurous, weaver. Subjects will be drawn largely from my own time at the loom, but also from my role as Director of Operations at Gist Yarn, where I oversee the process of getting yarn from fiber form onto a cone and into weaver’s hands. I also field all sorts of customer questions about weaving, patterns and fiber. As someone who learns by doing, these posts will feature projects and links to the patterns I design to help illustrate the subject at hand.

Commissioned runner and napkins

But, despite my husband’s protestations, I am not all weaving all the time. I am also an award-winning mixed-media artist working with fiber, fabric, thread and paint, so will discuss things like color, design, and how I translate inspiration into my work. I hope these monthly missives can offer a little something for every kind of maker.

Fabric & acrylic paint on paper

And don’t be surprised if my dogs and snacks make the occasional appearance.

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